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How to use Open Fit for non-coders:

Head to the Processing website and download the appropriate copy of processing for your system.

In order to run By The Book (pattern algorithm taken from a tailoring manual) or Draft From Center (our own attempt at a pants tailoring algorithm) you will need two additional libraries. You can find toxilibs at Download the latest version and put in the libraries folder of your Processing sketches. Download controlP5 and do the same.

In order to view our work modeling pants in 3D, you will need the peasycam and modelbuilder libraries. You can find peasycam at Unzip and put the extracted peasycam folder into the libraries folder of your Processing sketches.

Go to and look for a link to modelbuiler (0020). Also put this in your libraries folder.

The simplest way to grab our code is go to the github repository for Open Fit.

You will see a button that says ZIP where you can download it as a zip file. Extract and put where you would like, perhaps your Processing folder.Our github repository is where the latest version of our project can be found (as well as earlier versions). Open Fit is a work in progress and it is subject to change! Additionally, there are some things that may not work properly or consistently at this point, so please be patient with us. :)

When you open up a sketch in processing you will see two buttons on the top left, Run and Stop. This is how you run and stop the code. Currently, you can change the measurements two ways. You can run the sketch and click on the numberboxes to scroll through possible measurements. The variables at the beginning of the code in Draft from Center and By the Book are the measurements that the code will initially draw the pants from. You can type in new numbers here and re-run the sketch.

In the case of a body scan, ankle and hip measurements are taken where the green leggings end. If measurements are taken by hand, ankle should be taken at the skinniest part of the ankle and hip should be taken where you want the top of your pants to be. Butt measurement is taken at the largest part, thigh at the crotch, midthigh approx. 3 inches below the thigh measurement. Knee is taken approximately where the bone protrudes on the inside of your knee and calf is taken at the widest part of the calf. Crotch length is taken from the top of the pants in the front to the top of the pants at the center back. All vertical measurements are taken directly to the floor and not contoured along the body.

Download the Open Fit Lab Measurement Guide

Thanks to Claudio Fabbro for the artwork!